The Sheiling’s 60th Birthday BBQ

At the Sheiling’s 60th birthday BBQ on 17th June the sun shone.

A few locals from Braemar and members of Guiding from around the county dropped by to chat and eat and share memories. 

Attached are photos of County President Anne McNair and some of the Sheiling Project Team cutting the 60th birthday cake.

It was also a time when five county commissioners from Girlguiding Kincardine & Deeside met up!

There was (from left) Enid Blaikie (2002-2008), Hazel McCartney (2011-2016) Sue Thomson (currently in post), Anne McNair (1992-1997) and Sue Burgess (1997-2002 & 2009-2010)



Celebrate the Sheiling’s 60th Birthday

To all volunteers within Girlguiding Kincardine & Deeside.

From the Braemar Sheiling Planning Group

Dear Volunteer

With just a few weeks of this term left an update on the Sheiling project seems appropriate! In just 4 weeks’ time “Celebration” will be the weekend theme for Girlguiding K&D. Mearns District celebrate their centenary while we will be celebrating the Sheiling’s  60th Birthday with a BBQ. How about coming up to Braemar for a Day Out to celebrate Fathers’ Day? Along with the BBQ there will be games like Coconut Shy and Splat the Rat so do come and let the family try its luck!

The Current Sheiling

The Current Sheiling

So how’s your fund-raising going? We hope that you and your girls are brim full of ideas on how to “grow that £5”! Please share your efforts on GGK&D’s Facebook or website and with us. It’s extremely important for us to have a finger on the fund-raising pulse as frequently we are asked how much money we have raised and what the target from within the County is. We are aiming for K&D to raise at least 25% of the total costs. Without knowing what your units may already have raised we expect to have £40,200 at the end of June. This has come from the County, donations, some of which are Gift Aided, funds raised at the Open Weekend and also Friends of Braemar Sheiling memberships. You may remember that we suggested that some of your £5 proceeds could be paid to us at the end of June. Obviously you still want to have revenue to fund your next fund-raising venture so we’ll leave it to you to decide.

So what stage are we at? With the architect we are still in the Pre-Application process, several surveys have now been carried out so we hope to be able to submit the Planning Application very soon. Last weekend Sue & I took the opportunity, while at Friends of Netherurd Day, to get the Netherurd Manager’s opinion of the design. The Garden House there has 2 wings each of a size comparable to our draft & Janice has been extremely helpful with tips that during the project will be invaluable.

Proposed new Shelling

Proposed New Sheiling

As far as large outside funding is concerned we have been turned down by the Big Lottery as they only support buildings that are open 24/7 to the local community. We are waiting for feedback from LEADER funding but as that dries up with Brexit it’s unlikely that we will manage to meet their timescales.

Without Planning Consent we are restricted in applying to some sources of funds so in the meantime we are exploring other avenues. Quite a number of small funders require that their grant is used within 12 months so applications to them will come once the build has begun.

If you have contacts out there in companies who dispense funds to charity please let us know!

Last, but by no means least, a BIG thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the online survey sent out in February. We were very heartened by the support from you all; we have always accepted that for most Rainbow units in K&D the Sheiling is too far to contemplate using. However, 82% of you said that you would use the new Sheiling – that is a fantastic response – Thank You!

We’d love to welcome you to the Sheiling and the BBQ!





Aboyne Brownie Leader at the Commonwealth Youth Games

The leader of Aboyne Brownies recently attended the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Youth Games in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The brownies had been chosen to carry in the 61 country names for the competing nations at the opening ceremony.

Essex International Jamboree

All 28 of us met at a youth hostel in Edinburgh at 9pm on the Friday night, we had to take all our tents and cooking equipment down on the coach with us! We arrived at the campsite at 5am on the Saturday morning, we were the first group to arrive on site.

Once setting up our camp we got to have a look around the site then we had the opening ceremony which was really good!

Each day we had 2 activity zones, one in the morning and one in the afternoon my favourite zones were Wet + Wild and Its A Knockout. After tea we were allowed to go out to the “village” the village had lots of different things such as a cinema, beach, soft rock cafe, video room and dance tent! During the week we had three fancy dress nights they were superheroes, neon/UV and dress to impress for dress to impress we all wore kilts, on that night me and another girl highland danced on the main stage!

Another highlight was swapping lots of badges with people from all over the world. Overall I really enjoyed my jamboree experience!

Anna from Coastal North District


IMG_7027  IMG_7019
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Girl guiding Scotland Sangam Trip July 2016

I have recently returned from a trip to India with Girlguiding Scotland and it was certainly a once in a lifetime experience. I have had the opportunity to discover a brand new culture and a completely different way of life and for that I am very grateful.

We had 5 exciting days sightseeing where we did many things including a visit to the Taj Mahal, riding on every type of transport imaginable (including elephants!) and experiencing traditional Indian food and culture. We then travelled to Sangam, the Girlguiding world centre. While we were at Sangam we took part in lots of activities, had a chance to explore the city and even buy saris, the traditional dress of Indian women. We also prepared for our community action projects. I took part in a project in a school named “Bal Kalyan Sanstha” in the city of Pune. Pune has a population of 7 million people. Bal Kalyan Sanstha (BKS) is a school for visual, hearing impaired and mentally challenged children aged 6-18. We worked for 3 days at the school where we organised different activities for the children. We did a variety of activities in the gym with them including the use of parachutes which went down a treat with the mentally challenged children. We also did crafts including hand painting and making pipe cleaner headbands for the girls, I have never seen so many delighted children in one room!

I hope that I can use the skills and knowledge I learned at Sangam to inspire rainbows and brownies in my area to put themselves forward for an opportunity like this in the future and I feel very proud to have represented Girlguiding Scotland at Sangam.


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1st Banchory Senior Section’s trip to Switzerland

In celebration of 100 years of Senior Section, 1st Banchory Senior Section embarked on their first international trip. 11 girls and 4 leaders travelled to Switzerland, staying in Adelboden.
We travelled up mountains in cable cars; came scootering down mountains; jumped off bridges; zipped across rivers; white water rafted; sedately travelled on Lake Thun by boat; walked for miles in glorious sunshine; always stunned by the most glorious scenery; and of course enjoyed Swiss chocolate, and visited the first Girlguiding World Centre, Our Chalet.
It was a great opportunity, and a fantastic experience.

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Carnival 2016 Update

On Sun 20 Aug 2016 guides & leaders from Kincardine & Deeside went to camp – Carnival 2016 had arrived.

The leaders ran a sub camp called
Carousel (sub camp entrance photo) and the girls were split between the other subcamps – Helter Skelter, Dodgems, Waltzers & Rib Tickler.


Over the week the girls took part in a variety of activities including the Mardi Gras Parade – spot our subcamp mardi gras “head”, an afternoon tea party and an “all the fun of the Fayre challenge”.


Our sub camp entrance The Unicorn 4
It's a knockout (14) It's a knockout (2)


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